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Belize Channel 5 News
Belize Channel 5 for the World

Janelle Chanona, Belize channel 5 news Janelle Chanona, Belize Channel 5 news, does not smile as much as Indira on Belize channel 7 news, but Iím sure sheís equally competent.

Although there are other Belize newscasts, Belize channel 5 and Belize channel 7 are the main sources for Belize news on television.

Indira Craig, Belize channel 7 news Both are exceptionally thorough, give professional presentation and delivery, but that smile is hard to resist. If everyone smiled like that, there would be a lot less stress related malaise in this world.

Not only would everyone live longer, more important, they would want to live longer.

Belize channel 5 started in 1982 as a small video production company, less than a year after Belize starting receiving TV signals. In 1991, Belize channel 5 was granted its broadcast license by the Belize Government. It was the first station in Belize to have its own production facilities.

Want to find some previous newsworthy event? Check the archives and Iím sure youíll find what you want. They even break all the news down into categories for you. This makes it easier to find; for instance, if you were researching an auto accident, they have a separate category you can look through, saving plenty of time and frustration.

You can even order terrific films, entertainment, and documentaries from Belize channel 5 news, through their online store.

Well, thatís enough blabbering, just click here for Belize channel 5 news latest headlines (opens new window)