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  Belize channel 7 news indira craig

Come Visit Belize Channel 7 News
Indira Craig Online
Youíll be Glad You Did

Belize channel 7 news and Indira Craig

are eager to keep you up to date on everything that is happening, all the time. Doesnít matter what part of Belize is important to you, itís going to be reported.

From Corozal and San Pedro,

Ambergris Caye, in the North to Punta Gorda in the south, and every place in between.

Channel 7 news

has the most comprehensive coverage of all things Belize.

You will see and hear it first on Belize channel 7 news, by Indira Craig.

When looking at a national station like Channel 7 news, you'll be seeing and hearing about a certain level of crime, which is unavoidable in any country. Please keep in mind that the majority of crime in Belize, takes place in and around Belize City. Most tourist destinations and other areas outside of Belize City experience very little crime. If they do, it is usually petty, and of a less serious nature.

Click here, or on Indira's picture, to go to Belize Channel 7 News
(opens new window)

Belize channel 5 news is another excellent TV channel to check out.

Amandala Belize is a great newspaper for keeping up to date.

For those more interested in whatís happening in San Pedro, and on Ambergris Caye, we have the San Pedro Sun, which is a terrific weekly newspaper, just loaded with interesting stuff. the sun also has a fantastic visitors guide which is worthwhile to get.

San Pedro also has Ambergris Today another, slightly smaller weekly which is very good.