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See Belize Half Moon Caye
in all its Glory

Belize half moon caye from directly overhead-note the little wisps of cloud Belize half moon caye is ecotourism at it’s finest for everyone’s enjoyment. A reserve you’ll not want to miss. For birding, and other wildlife viewing, sight seeing, snorkeling, scuba diving, or just plain relaxing and soaking up the delectable sights and sounds of paradise, you’ve got to come here.

Half Moon Caye, located at the southeast corner of Lighthouse Reef Atoll, was the first reserve to be established by the Natural Parks System Act of 1981.

One of the main reasons that the natural monument was created, was to protect the Red-footed Booby bird and its rookery. The Magnificent Frigatebird shares the rookery with the Red-footed Booby, and both species coexist in apparent harmony.

Some ninety-eight species of birds have been recorded on the Caye, of which some seventy-seven are migrants. Regular winter migrants include Ospreys, Mangrove Warblers, and White-crowned Pigeons.

birds on Belize half moon caye The Iguana, the Wish Willy, and the Lizard are permanent residents on the island, while the Loggerhead Turtle and the Hawksbill Turtle come ashore annually to lay their eggs.

The waters surrounding Half Moon Caye, are abundant with life, and snorkeling and scuba diving opportunities are excellent.(courtesy of the Belize tourism board)

It is apparent that half moon caye images are among the most desired wallpaper images in the world. That is for a very good reason. If you visit Belize for no other reason, your visit here will make the entire trip worthwhile.

Belize half moon caye lighthouse This is the ancient lighthouse on lighthouse reef atoll, next to Belize half moon caye, which is located on the southeast corner.

Snorkeling on Belize half moon caye Here is a sample of what can be seen when snorkeling off Belize half moon caye, or anywhere in Belize. Show me where Belize half moon caye is located
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