Belize Health Care is Excellent

Belize hospital in Punta Gorda The question of Belize health care always comes up because itís a primary concern of those people who are planning retirement or just a change of venue to take advantage of a warmer climate.

There are great doctors, dentists, nursing, hospitals and overall good health care.

Here is a picture of a modern, well equipped hospital in the small town of Punta Gorda in southern Belize.

I haven't had the need to visit a dentist in Belize yet, however I met many who have. They say the quality is as good as the US and Canada at a much lower cost.

There is a link below where you can search for a dentist or dental surgeon in the US for free. This will be expanded to include Belize and other countries soon.

What is lacking however, is nursing homes in Belize.

The owners of nursing homes in the US should take a look at Belize.

Although itís a tiny country, its market is untapped. There is no competition, unlike the US, Canada, and the UK

With all the expats living in Belize there is certainly a need for a US style Belize nursing home(s).

The Belize nursing home market is like the old west. The best opportunities await the pioneers.

Here is a list of Over 17,000 US Nursing homes (opens new window)

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