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A Belize Home for Sale is a Wonderful Opportunity

for a great life at a much lower cost than at your present home. You can find a Belize home for sale so cheap it would shock you no matter what your tastes are. If you sold a waterfront home in Florida, you could likely replace it for 1/5 the price or less, depending on where you’d like to settle. Just call your Belize realty company.

For example, in San Pedro, the most expensive area of Belize, you can purchase new 1 bedroom, fully furnished, small houses, waterfront on a lagoon for $79,000. These are asking prices, and sellers in Belize definitely have been known to negotiate, and for lots off the price.

There are some beautiful new condo’s being developed in San Pedro, on the canal, so you can dock your boat at home. These are 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, and the builder is asking $119,500. Try buying a waterfront condo where you live for that price. A Belize home for sale par excellence.

Belize land for sale $11,900 Belize land for sale $11,900 There is a new planned community going up on the waterfront in Corozal. This will be a gorgeous development. The price, are you ready for this, $11,900 up. Just look at these pictures and you tell me if it’s worth the price. This land will be completely serviced with electricity, water, and all weather roads, and oh, financing is available.

Belize home for sale Belize home for sale How about this home for sale in Belize. New waterfront villas on Ambergris Caye’s northeast coast, not far from San Pedro for $60,000 up. This gives you a 1/4 ownership. Ambergris Caye is the most desirable island in Belize.

Belize land for sale $10,900 This Belize land for sale has to seen. These lots are in a fully developed waterfront property, complete with roads, electricity, water, pier, Mayan ruins, 5 acre waterfront park, walking trails through the jungle and a lot more. Price, starting at $10,900.

We may be able to recommend a Belize Realty company if you're interested in a Belize home for sale

Click here for our Belize mortgage page. There you will find access to over 3,600 pages all about mortgages