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Belize News
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Belize news is important, but first look at this view of the reef Before we get into Belize news, here is a picture of the reef while flying over Half Moon Caye. It is the rainy season, but itís not rainy, in fact it's sunny. You can see the ocean bottom on the Caye side, and thatís where there is terrific diving, snorkeling and fishing. Diving along the reef is fantastic too. The deep blue of open water in the Caribbean is alluring for those wanting to see the big stuff.

Like everywhere there is many organizations trying to get your attention. Belize presenters are no different. In fact, for a country with such a small population, Belize has an inordinate number of news outlets. It certainly is a competitive media market.

Why news? News is the most sought after information in any country. Therefore, if anyone can provide up to date news, with a quality presentation, people will watch, read, and listen. This audience also watches, reads, and listens to ads. Now you have the reason for news.

Below youíll find links to all of the major news providers, in no particular order.

Click here for Belize news by Belize Channel 7 News online

Click here for news on Belize Channel 5 news online

Click here for more news about the Belize riot

click here for Belize News by Amandala Belize

Click here for Ambergris Caye news with the San Pedro Sun