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Join Us
Starting with 3,000 Acres
of Incredible Waterfront Belize Property

Ambergris caye with 3000 acres marked off Few opportunities to accumulate beaches are left anywhere. Good Belize property is still available, but not for much longer.

We are starting with 3,000 acres of fantastic Ambergris Caye waterfront as pictured here.

Our goal is to acquire at the lowest possible prices, at least 100,000 acres of prime Belize land for future development and or sale.

This is a 5-10 year project. Itís a get rich slow deal. We estimate that one could expect to earn in excess of 10 times, or more, his or her investment during the life of this Belize beaches project.

This Belize investment is being accumulated in an offshore company, which means itís only available to non-Belizeans and very important, does not attract any income taxes in Belize.

We are able to accept lump sum investments of any size from $1,000 USD up, monthly or annual investments similar to what one may make to a mutual fund, or a combination thereof.

The initial 3,000 acres of Belize property requires an investment of $15,000,000 USD, so we will accumulate all contributions in a trust account until this target is reached.

This property is in two parcels, 1,000 and 2,000 acres. Should we fail to reach the $15 million level in a reasonable period, weíll acquire the smaller parcel first, digest that, and then work on the second piece.

The smaller parcel is excellent Belize real estate because of its many beaches, although together they are fantastic.

We have been presented with some other really terrific opportunities since we announced this project which we will take advantage of as soon as we are able.

If you wish to reserve a position or express interest, please fill out the form below and we will put you in line and keep you updated as to our progress.

Why do we use a form instead of just listing our e-mail address.

The reason is we want to protect you dear reader, and ourselves, from viruses, phishing, and spammers.

The form is easy to use and prevents abuse of our readers and us.

By the way, your name and e-mail address will never be given to anyone else, for any reason, under any circumstances.

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