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Belize Real Estate is the Best Value in the Caribbean

Example of cheap Belize real estate Belize real estate may be the bargain of a lifetime. Whether you want a ranch, a Belize farm, fresh waterfront, ocean waterfront, an orchard, mountains, jungle, or a combination of all, you can get it in Belize. With 1/3 of the country protected by nature preserves, national monuments, and historical sites you’ll always have it all.

Here is a picture of a 900 acre working ranch with 300 acres planted in bananas and other fruit trees. It has a house, and a year round creek. This was $125,000 USD, but has since been sold. Belize real estate is selling fast.

I know of a ranch comprised of 9,000 acres for $350,000 with substantial waterfront. What a great holding property.

Belize has wonderful protected marine areas too, so if you’re a diver, snorkeling buff, or a fisher, you’ll always be surrounded by beauty, unlike the urban sprawl we’ve all become used to.

Because Belize is a British protectorate, it’s among the safest places in the world.

You’ll have your real estate registered in the land titles office in your name, with full, resalable, ownership, just the same as in the US, Canada, and Britain.

No nominees are required, as in some places.

Below we offer links to other Belize real estate information relating to various locations in Belize.

Should have any questions at all, please go to our contact page at the bottom of the left margin, and fill in your first name and e-mail address. Let us know which country your writing from.

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If you would like to contact us Click Here for the form or carry on to the links below.

Please bookmark this page as we will be adding more and more information to help you in your investigation of Belize as a visitor, retiree, investor, or whatever. Give us the opportunity to help, and we will.

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