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Belize Snorkeling
Stop Dreaming and Do It

Here is what Belize snorkeling can get you Of all the Belize vacations, Belize snorkeling, and Belize diving are the most compelling, spectacular, and simply the most awesome of the Belize sports. Words fail to describe the exquisiteness, the allure of exotic marine life, crystal clear water, and the breathtaking coral reef, with its astonishing Belize blue hole.

A snorkel is a tube about 30 cm / 12 inches long, usually J-shaped, fitted with a reasonably comfortable mouthpiece, and constructed of rubber or plastic. It is used for breathing air from above the water surface when the mouth and nose are submerged, either during a surface swim before or after scuba diving, or during snorkeling.

The most common type of snorkel is a simple tube that is allowed to flood when underwater. The snorkeler expels water from the snorkel with a sharp exhalation on return to the surface. Some modern snorkels have a sump in the mouthpiece to allow a small volume of water to remain in the snorkel without being inhaled when the diver breathes. Some have a one-way output valve in the sump, which automatically drains the sump as it fills with water. Some snorkels have float-operated valves attached to the surface end of the tube to keep water out when the snorkeller submerges.

Belize snorkeling requires a minimum of equipment The maximum length of the tube is around 50 cm / 18 inches. A longer tube would place the lungs in deeper water where the surrounding water pressure is higher and the lungs would be unable to inflate when the diver inhales, because the muscles that expand the lungs are not strong enough to operate against the higher pressure.--source Wikipedia

Belize Snorkeling is the practice of swimming at the surface of a body of water equipped with a mask and a short tube called a snorkel. It is a popular recreational activity, particularly at tropical resort destinations. Since Belize snorkeling requires calm water (where there are no waves to splash into the snorkel), it is typically done in protected areas, inside the barrier reef. Snorkeling requires no special training, only the ability to swim and to breathe through the snorkel. However, it can be helpful to know how to expel water from the snorkel following a dive below the surface, which may allow water to enter the snorkel. The mask and snorkel are similar to those used in scuba diving, but since they are not subjected to the pressures of deep water, they can be more lightweight and comfortable.

The primary attraction of Belize snorkeling is the opportunity to observe underwater life in a natural setting. This may include coral reefs and their denizens, such as fish, octopuses, starfish, sea urchins, and mollusks. Snorkeling in sandy areas may allow sighting of rays and various flatfish. Other organisms that can be seen while snorkeling include various forms of seaweed, such as kelp; jellyfish; and sea turtles.

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