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Belize Sports will Hook You
As if being Paradise isnít Enough

Fishing is one of the Belize sports. Don't catch these, just look at them. Courtesy of National Geographic The most fantastic, safe fun in the world awaits the visitor to Belize. Some Belize sports can also provide real thrills for those who donít want safe. There are so many wonderful things to do that youíll just have to enter here to see.

Sports include horseback riding, fishing, both salt water and fresh water in abundance, kayaking extraordinaire, windsurfing and kitesurfing. I saw kitesurfing in San Pedro recently for the first time. Did it ever look like fun, and totally safe in the protected waters off Belize.

There are many other exciting sports in Belize including, snorkeling, scuba diving, football, i.e.; soccer, basketball, boxing, cycling, softball, canoe racing, parasailing, and more.

Weíll keep building a list of links below to interesting pages for each of the aforementioned sports and others. Just click on the links to open a new page for each of the sports youíre interested in.

Please bookmark this page, and keep returning from time to time and youíll see the new ones as they are added.

Snorkeling is a Belize Sport that's Hard to beat

Click here for another one of the great Belize sports--Belize diving
this is for beginners

click here to visit our Belize horseback riding page