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Belize Vacations? It’s Where You Want to be

Palypas bar on belize vacations Picture yourself on one of your Belize vacations, relaxing on this Palypas bar, sipping an umbrella drink after a day of caving, diving, snorkeling or any number of awesome adventures you could enjoy on your vacation.

You’re looking out over calm shallow waters, enjoying the passing rays and other incredible marine life you’re blessed to see first hand, but would likely never see at home.

Just a little way in the distance you see the Caribbean Sea crashing on the world’s second longest natural barrier reef. But it doesn’t bother you because there is very little noise, only a bit of background murmur. It’s a sight to behold. But you’re protected.

You’re daydreaming now, and you see clouds with angels on them. Wow, I am in heaven.

Since we have to deal in reality, we are going to deal with all of the potential vacations you could imagine. This will take some time, so bear with us.

Please visit our ecotourism page linked below.

What Belizeans have done for their environment, their vegetation, their wildlife, both land and sea, the preservation of their lifestyle and the opportunities afforded tourists, is truly remarkable and likely unprecedented.

Please bookmark this page, and visit often to see what vacations we’ve added.

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