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Belize weather is
Good for What ails Yah

Belize weather may not be a cure all but it’s the next best thing. Luxuriate on some of the world’s most pristine beaches while Belize weather provides your rejuvenation. The Belize climate, and Belize annual rainfall gives you and nature the best of all worlds.

Mean temperatures range from an average daily minimum in January of 67.1F (19.5C), to an average daily maximum in May of 89.2F (31.8C). The mean daily maximum in January is 81.7F (27.6C). You can readily see that there is not a huge fluctuation in temperature, and that the January minimum is affected by lower lows inland. The mean minimums are higher on the coast, meaning even smaller fluctuations than would appear at first glance. Does this picture look like the rainy season has much impact. Look at the fantastically beautiful surf crashing over the barrier reef about 1/3 of a mile away.

Belize weather-Palapas bar in rainy season-what rain? We can’t discuss Belize weather without mentioning Belize annual rainfall. The mean number of rain days goes from a low of 3.9 in April, to a high of 16.3 in July. The number is higher in the south, where annual Belize rainfall is up to 170 inches, and lower in the north where Belize annual rainfall is 60 inches. Does this picture look like the rainy season has much impact. Look at the fantastically beautiful surf crashing over the barrier reef about 1/3 of a mile away.

Belize annual rainfall isn’t as heavy as it sounds, and of course the number of rain days sounds worse than it is, because the rain comes in two ways. Usually there are early morning showers called “night rain”, followed by lots of sun, and thunderstorms during the rainy season, which can dump a lot of moisture, but move on very quickly. Usually these are accompanied by fantastic cooling breezes off the Caribbean.

This picture is of a lagoon residential area in San Pedro, on Ambergris Caye during the rainy season. Apparently the rainy season isn't all that rainy.

Belize weather-this lagoon in San Pedro during the rainy season is getting plenty of sun

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What this all means of course, there is no shortage of sunshine and beautiful temperatures to seduce you all to visit, move, and/or retire to beautiful Belize.

Belize climate is sub tropical, similar to the Florida Keys, without all the hurricanes. Belize certainly has experienced hurricanes, and will continue to experience them in the future, but the number compared to Florida is much, much lower. Interestingly, no one has ever lost their life to a hurricane on Ambergris caye.

For some reason, most hurricanes seem to veer either south or north, just east of Belize. We hear all about the problems caused in Florida by hurricanes, but what’s interesting is, that the most frequent occurrences and the most damage happens in the Carolinas. This fact doesn’t seem to be widely known.

However, during July the hottest month, with highs in the high 80’sF (low 30’sC), we have trade winds, averaging 12-15mph (19-25km’s), which provide a wonderful cooling effect and reduce the feeling of humidity.

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