fourth leg of my trip to Belize

This page is about the fourth leg of my trip to Belize

I decided Bakersfield was all I could handle in my condition. I certainly didn’t want to fly through LA and several hot MOA’s without my wits about me.

There were some pretty active areas around Sacramento and couple of air bases just south of Redding and I had a couple of panic attacks when I couldn’t reach Oakland center for flight following.

I called Redding tower back as I turned right 40 degrees to avoid these military zones. They called Oakland for me and were told they had heard me but were very busy and I should call them back.

I did and was handled right away. Great way to start this leg considering my physical and mental condition due to lack of rest.

The rest of this leg until 30 miles from Bakersfield was uneventful other than being real busy with controllers. In fact this short leg was the busiest with 9 frequency changes, and as many agencies in less than 2 hours.

Thirty miles out there is a solid undercast ahead but it’s still broken where I am. I listen to Bakersfield ATIS and it says they are solid overcast so I spiral down through a couple of holes to find the overcast is about 2,500 just like the ATIS said. When I get to Bakersfield it is wide open. The ATIS obviously hadn’t been updated.

The landing area was displaced over 3,000 feet so I landed over a jet waiting to go, exited and taxied back 2 miles to parking. The FBO here is called Mercury and is fantastic even including wireless internet and wonderful service. Their pilot’s room was well equipped and very comfortable.

The next day I met some really great people there including a women examiner from the FAA who was meeting a student there for an interview. We talked for a long time because her student was late and I couldn’t leave because the weather was fogged in.

Finally around noon it cleared and I filed a flight plan to Puerto Penasco and taxied a couple of miles for gas to save over $1 per gallon from the truck price.

I call for taxi instructions, do my run up at the button and now I’ve got a rough mag, and it won’t clear up. So I taxi back to the big hangar, which is close by.

We call around the field and finally an outfit all the way back near Mercury agrees to look at it. They make 2 trips with 2 guys before I suggest taxing back to their hangar would be much easier. I tell them I will do it on the bad mag and that way they’ll know which plug isn’t firing.

They looked surprised when I suggested that.

They pull #6 bottom and it’s soaked. They clean and test it ok and we decide to do all of the bottom plugs. $150 later I’m ready again.

I call up ground and they say I have to refile because they only hold plans open 1 hour. I say ok and the controller says he has found the old one and will use that.

But now it’s 2:35 and I’ve got to be there before dark. Shouldn’t be a problem so it’s up, up and away we go.

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  1. I learned a lot from this post, much appreciated! 🙂

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