second leg of my trip to Belize

This was the exciting second leg of my trip to Belize by Bonanza

Got fuel, some charts and a snack and jumped in the plane to go to Redding California.

Immediately after takeoff I was over a solid undercast, which stretched for over 300 miles.

I called Navy Whidbey for flight following because the Seattle area is incredibly busy and there are several active MOA’s and busy McChord air force base.

Fortunately flight following was available, and they were able to steer me through the busy Sea Tac traffic and around McChord air base to the south.

Finally Seattle approach tells me I can resume my own navigation, which means I can turn back on course. However, I’ve flown miles out of my way and this will prove to be an issue almost 3 hours later approaching Redding.

The weather is still poor below but I’m sitting pretty at 7,500 feet. Now I’m approaching the very busy Portland area and Portland approach is steering me around fighters, a Lufthansa A340, and AA 767 climbing out from below and pointed up and right toward me.

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