third leg of my trip to Belize

This is the third leg of my trip to Belize

100 miles out from Redding over high mountains but within gliding distance of I-5, I switch to the aux tank to use the last of it’s fuel. It only lasts 6-7 minutes when I expected it to last 15.

The silence was deafening. In a flash I switched tanks to the right main, but it was stubborn this time. I grabbed the wobble pump and it started, thank God. Only lost 100 feet.

Now I’m on the right main and expecting it to go 25-30 minutes to dry tanks and guess what? It quit at 17 minutes while I’m talking to Redding tower.

It’s apparent the fuel guy in Bellingham didn’t quite get the tanks filled to the very top. No one ever does. I should always do it myself or at least pay more attention.

I screw up my conversation with Redding due to the panic induced by the engine quitting since I had to drop everything to switch the tanks and start pumping. They must have thought, oh well, just another crazy Canuck.

Now I’m worried. I’m still 20 miles back and on the last of my fuel. There are no more tanks to switch to, and the gauge is near the peg.

Realizing that it could quit any second I stayed at circuit height right until the button and tower asked if I wanted a go around because they never dreamt I could still land from that altitude, but when its dirty (that’s when the landing gear is down, flaps are extended to 40 degrees, propeller set to fine pitch) and you point the nose down it comes down like a greased manhole cover.

I land safely but I’m still distraught and I taxi up to the parking area. I felt like kissing the ground.

I check the tanks and find around 2 gallons left in the left main. I was still good for 10 minutes.

There is no sign of the Goose or my new friends.

The great lady at the FBO calls a hotel for me and they send their van. One hour after landing I’m in the La Quinta Inn. This would prove to be a bad choice.

After my harrowing experience I decided a big salad and a bigger beer was in order and I walked down the street to the recommended restaurant. It was great and had the biggest mugs of the best tasting natural beer I ever had anywhere.

Back to the hotel for what I expect to be a good nights sleep and next stop Puerto Penasco, Mexico. It was not to be, because some inconsiderate b******s kept their door open and talked loudly all night.

Finally at 1am I called the desk and they couldn’t stop them. After another guest called they told these nincompoops that the next call would be the police and they closed their door.

However, it was too late for me. I had less than 2 hours sleep and was certainly not in any condition to fly all the way to Puerto Penasco, especially through Los Angeles and it’s surrounding MOA’s, which is one of the busiest areas in the nation.

I complained when checking out and they cut the bill in half. Not much consolation really cause it didn’t improve my condition.

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