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Veracruz to McAllen Texas

Next morning in very tired condition I went to the airport and departed Veracruz  To McAllen Texas after paying everybody off and accumulating a ton of papers.

Thankfully I had escaped a lot the night before or it would have been much worse.

Departing Veracruz To McAllen Texas

Departure weather was great but it soon turned to high overcast, the broken layers underneath to a solid undercast which was climbing just south of McAllen.

I was just about to turn towards Brownsville when the undercast ended and rain started. The visibility was good so I continued on to McAllen and landed.

Fortunately the rain ended before I reached McAllen or the ordeal I was about to experience would have been much worse.

Landing after the Veracruz To McAllen Texas Leg

I landed and asked ground to lead me to Customs which was about 2 miles to the other end of the airport.

The sign says to park the aircraft and enter the long hall which leads to a lobby where there are 2 customs officers with nothing to do. So I buy the $25 sticker and answer a bunch of questions obviously trying to trap me into something, what, I don’t know.

When they don’t get what they’re hoping for we go to the airplane. Here I’m forced to remove everything. This is really a pain and worse to reassemble this mess.

They go through all my dirty clothes and everything else and it all ends up on the pavement.

Then, with glee, one says “I can’t wait to see what’s in the big black bag”. This was the bag containing my made in Korea folding bicycle.

One said, “how much does that bag weigh”? Why he asked that I can’t speculate but I said 33-34 pounds.

Were they ever disappointed to see that bike. I’m sure they were expecting something more sinister. They didn’t even bother to make me open up the tailcone which they had mentioned earlier. Thankfully because its got about 100 screws.

I began the tortuous process of repacking and restacking the airplane. Over 2 hours had passed, the time was getting late and I was feeling the effects of the previous nights lack of sleep. I had hoped to get another leg in before the day was over but decided Veracruz To McAllen Texas was enough for that day and to spend the night there.

Check back here for the next leg home.

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