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When it Comes to Caribbean Beachs Belize Beaches Rule

Belize beaches are the friendliest of the Caibbean beachs Belize beaches are the friendliest of the Caribbean beachs Just look at this picture of a man holding a nurse shark.

When we say beaches in Belize are quiet, we mean two things. One is, there arenít millions of people on them, but equally important, there is no enormous crashing surf, creating such a din that one cannot hear another speak.

The Belize reef from the air just off Caulker Caye Thanks to our hemispheres longest barrier reef, shown here, that crashing takes place about Ĺ mile offshore Ambergris caye. If the wind is calm you can barely hear it, and of course, if you're on the mainland, you won't hear it at all. However, the eastern trade winds provide fairly steady cooling breezes, which even eliminates that little bit of surf noise.

This was taken from the air off Caye caulker, but you can still see how shallow the waters are. You can see the bottom. Very safe and fun.

Because of the lack of surf, and because the waters inside the reef are shallow, Belize beaches are the safest, and most friendly of all the Caribbean beachs.

These shallow waters off Belize beachs provide some of the best, and safest, snorkeling, sea kayaking, kite surfing, wind surfing, and other sports that couldnít be done many times on other beaches, because of the surf, and the bottom quickly dropping off into deep water.

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