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Caribbean Real Estate
Belize is Where it’s At

Caribbean real estate in Belize at twilight The Caribbean is fantastic and Caribbean real estate is incredible value for investors, retirees, seasonal residents and anyone wanting an improved lifestyle.

Although most of the real estate in the Caribbean has been “discovered”, and therefore has matured price wise, there remains an as yet “undiscovered” land in the Caribbean with some mind boggling opportunities in Caribbean real estate.

That land is Belize, and Belize real estate is still among the lowest cost of the Caribbean.

I ran across an example yesterday of a ranch of 9,000 (yes, nine thousand) acres for only $350,000. This Belize land has a lot of waterfront, both salt and fresh and could offer many disparate opportunities for use, and or development. This must be among the largest single pieces of Caribbean real estate left anywhere.

With a property of that size one could do so many things with it over time as to make a veritable fortune while having a great time living in paradise.

While this may or may not be “a get rich quick” deal, it certainly offers wonderful long-term possibilities with no tax implications. In fact, if you have any interest in a project like this, or in holding property for future development with other investors, let us know. The advantage of Belize land over other areas is English common law like the US, Canada, and Great Britain. This allows land to be titled and registered in the owners name and is therefore secure.

Mockingbird on Belize land Another distinct advantage is the fact that 1/3 of the entire country, both land and marine environments are unavailable for development due to them being held in the form of nature preserves, national parks, national monuments and other restricted use areas.

Future residents of Belize will enjoy the benefits, both monetary and lifestyle, of this wise planning for the future. How come we don’t all have governments with foresight like this?

If you have any interest in participating, even in a small way, in one, or several of these Caribbean real estate properties, fill out the form below.

This will not commit you to anything, but will give us some idea of whether this is a valid approach or not.

Your information will never be given to a third party for any reason, and we won’t hound you. We may send occasional notices about land like that described above, or other projects which may fit our collective interests.

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