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Costa Rica Vacations
You Wonít be Disappointed

A beach to visit on Costa Rica vacations

A truly spectacular country, Costa Rica vacations offer something for everybody. Adventure, ecotourism and relaxation.

Costa Rica is a nature lover's paradise, offering an extensive system of national parks and nature preserves, some 10% of its territory is designated as national parks.
Costa Rica volcano

Here you'll enjoy the active, conical shaped Arenal volcano and the Monteverde nature reserve, where you'll be treated to an incredible variety of wildlife, flora and over 400 species of birds during Costa Rica vacations.

Birds  in costa Rica A good base to start Costa Rica vacations, is its busy capital San Jose. Highlights of San Jose include the baroque-style Teatro Nacional, the Plaza De La Cultura, and the bustling and colorful Mercado Central.

On the Pacific coast the oldest and most developed tourist destination is Jaco Beach. This broad, volcanic gray beach has great waves for bodysurfing.

Close by is Manuel Antonio Park which also has outstanding flora and fauna. Take the trails to see squirrels, white-faced monkeys, iguanas, sloths, parrots, ocelots and many other wonderful creatures.

Further to the north is Guanacoste with itís Wonderful waterfalls and beautiful beaches.

Having said all that, and certainly itís a great place to visit, there are better places in Central America to live.

Costa Rica has jettisoned its pencionado program and now has taxes.

If you donít speak Spanish youíll have to learn, and that may have been easier when you were younger.

Real Estate values have mushroomed during the influx of retirees and those just wanting to escape, or wanting a second home. While real estate may continue to rise Iím sure it will be at a much slower rate.

When taking Costa Rica vacations youíll not be disappointed, but if you want to retire, or make a real estate investment, buy a vacation home, you must consider Belize.

Belize is an English speaking country, which operates under English common law, affording you protection you cannot get elsewhere in Central America. In the unlikely event you need to defend yourself or your property, it is done in English.

Belize has a wonderful retirement program for people over 45 that is in a class by itself.

Real estate, while it has experienced growth in value in the past is just starting to catch fire and there is a ground floor opportunity to acquire a retirement home, or investment property at prices that will never be seen again.

Ambergris Caye in particular is enjoying incredible popularity.

Belize beachs are the safest anywhere, with no predators, or wild surf to bother you. Excellent and safe, for quiet relaxation and swimming, snorkeling, or other water sports.

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Take wonderful Costa Rica vacations, but click here for Belize beaches first