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The Pier Lounge. Semi Retire With Good Income

Pier lounge outside The Pier Lounge is a super beach bar on a really busy downtown beach in the same building as Caliente, an equally renowned restaurant.

The owner is planning to sell and retire from this 20 year old bar, which has held the world famous “chicken drop” for the last 16 years.

I was over there on Wednesday to witness this event first hand. It was amazing to see how packed the place was with all 60 seats taken and standing room only, inside and outside on the beach.
pier lounge poker With its wide screen sports TV, electronic poker, karaoke, and of course the chicken drop, the Pier is one busy place.

The owner has kept the prices reasonable and as a result has a steady, loyal, local clientele during the low season as well as the high season.

Anyone buying now would be poised to immediately take advantage of the huge influx of tourists coming over the next 6 months. pier lounge inside In fact, I think a buyer; acting quickly could have his or her investment of $169,900 back in one year.

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