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Own The Stained Glass Pub
For Fun and Profit

Stained Glass Pub outside When I first walked into The Stained Glass Pub I thought, wow what a cool place.

This place is really uniquely decorated as a British/American style pub giving it a homey, comfortable atmosphere. Even though this is a pub, it is renowned for itís Italian night and brings friends and tourists alike from all over the island.

There are numerous write-ups from various newspapers espousing the quality of the food and the fast friendly service. stained glass pub inside The Stained Glass Pub presently seats 50 but could be increased to 75 for an extra $300 per month, or 100 seats for an extra $600.

Itís been said that a jazz bar in the extra seating area would pull a huge crowd and more than double the bottom line, which is very good now.

The owner has successfully, and profitably operated The Stained Glass Pub for over 4 years.

It comes as a turnkey operating business with all furniture, fixtures, and equipment to continue operating without interruption for only $169,900. Reduced today to $155,000. The owner had valued the business at $250,000, but due to personal circumstances has decided to make the offer so attractive that the business will sell quickly. stained glass pub inside In fact, if the new owner can act quickly, he or she will be able to get in at the beginning of the high season for a high profit start. In fact I think a good operator, using the extra area could have his or her investment back the first year.

The lease on the premises has 11 years to run and the new owner will have the rent prepaid until November 2006.

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Click here to leave The Stained Glass Pub for The Pier Lounge