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Travel Central America
Put Travel Belize at the
Top of Your List

travel Central America map and Caribbean The left side of this map shows where to travel Central America and the Caribbean.

While all countries in this area are beautiful to see and visit, there are some compelling reasons to put Belize travel at the top of your list.

Travel Central America and see the lighthouse monument at Belize City Easy communication for us unilingual Anglophones and others who are so unfortunate as to only understand one language. An old friend of mine once said, “a man is as many men as the languages he speaks”. A great quote, and so true.

English common law as opposed to Napoleonic law. The difference? Basically under the common law you are innocent until proven guilty of an offence. Under Napoleonic law you are guilty until proven innocent, meaning you have no rights.

Under the common law you are allowed to do anything you want as long as it doesn’t hurt someone else, or lawmakers have created a statute disallowing something specific. But that’s commercial law and is civil, and not criminal in nature.

You say, I won’t do anything wrong, and you probably won’t. Picture this; you’re walking down the road on Friday afternoon and witness a car accident. Under Napoleonic law, you and everyone involved, even witnesses are rounded up, arrested and held in jail until Monday when the investigators finally come to work, realize you were only a witness and let you go.

Besides, in a strange country how do you know what is against the law. In Belize, you know the laws are basically the same as the US, Canada, Britain and most of Europe, but there are far less of them to confuse you, and you have more rights. How could you defend yourself in a foreign language?

To travel Central America, at least the rest of it is less costly than to travel Belize, but the security of the person is more important than a few extra bucks. Besides Belize is still the lowest cost in comparison to Caribbean travel.

Travel Central America, but first check out the weather at San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize, Central America and the Caribbean

Travel central America and check out Costa Rica